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Vintage Matador Art Bullfighting Painting Mid Century Signed Art J. Vera 12 Oil Paintings

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This is a wonderful bullfighting serial painting, titled "The Story," by J. Vera tells the tale of a matador and a bull, as they face off in the bullfighting ring. As original, mid-century art, these 12 Peruvian bullfight oil paintings, in sequence, create a story from beginning to end, as the matador enters the ring all the way through to the death of the bull.

In rich and vivid colors, each painting adds to the overall beauty of the whole and offers the viewer a story telling experience in gorgeous images. Deep and rich reds, blues, yellows come together to allow the bull in black to stand out in stark relief. One can feel the excitement, trepidation, and honor for both the fighter and the bull.

Each painting is signed by J. Vera and measures 7" x 7" and mounted on a sturdy piece of masonite board, measuring 28 1/2" x 21 1/2".

J.Vera was from Peru, and was a prolific painter, most likely for the tourist trade in during the 1940-60s. Typically, he painted Peruvian village life and its people in colorful dress, as well as life in the Andes Mountains along the shores of Lake Titicaca, often featuring llamas.
He painted the world around him to express his love of color, movement, light, and story telling.

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Materials: Oil on Wood,Wood Frame,Peruvian Art,South American Art,Impressionism Art,Matador Painting,Bullfighting Painting,Original Art,Oil on Wood Art

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