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Block SPAL Low Ball Glasses Set of 4 Rocks Glasses Mary Lou Goertzen Poinsettia Watercolors 8 Ounce

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As you're preparing for the holidays, thIs set of 4 vintage Block SPAL low ball glasses by Mary Lou Goertzen adds a nice touch. These 8 ounce cocktail glasses and are perfect as vintage bar glassware, the table, or a party. This set was produced by Block SPAL in Portugal and is part of the poinsettia Watercolors series by the artist and quilter who was commissioned by Block China to decorate their productions. The exquisite poinsettia watercolors are one of Goertzen's most popular design.

If these vintage holiday glasses have been used, they no signs of it. In marvelous condition, they stand 3 3/4" tall, measure 3" across the mouth and base.

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