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Let's Get To Know Each Other!

I'm so glad to have you stop by Plums and Honey Vintage! I like to get to know my customers, both potential and actual, so I'm sharing some information about myself and the shop to help you feel comfortable about shopping with P&H. My goal is always to provide great customer service and gain your confidence.
Plums and Honey Vintage is an outgrowth of collecting vintage and antique items for as long as I can remember. Early on, I tagged along with my mom and dad, as they were picking at barn and estate sales. Although I didn't especially appreciate the adventure in the beginning, after a short while I began to see the beauty in all the old finds and started collecting old books and, later, almost anything that caught my eye. As time went on, my enthusiasm for hunting up the unique and rare find grew, so I collected many fabulous old things ~ some I have sold over the years, but I still go out on the hunt, and always bring back a fine old book, or two, or 10. 
Rennet Dessert is Nice Book   
I never know what is waiting behind a door or under a stack of papers in a basement or attic. Surprises happen all the time, and when I find something very cool, I begin thinking immediately about how my customers might use it. This vintage set of artisan metal flamingo sculptures is one of the most unique items I have come across, and it didn't last long. 
              Artisan Metal Flamingo Sculptures
Pretty antique and vintage porcelain china and home decor items always lure me in. I have such a large inventory of collectible pieces, so I try to list a couple a day. This is an antique Limoges platter and plate set I found at an estate sale of a woman who traveled the world, had items shipped here, and quickly wrapped and stored ~ never used!
As you can see, Plums and Honey Vintage & Antiques offers an eclectic array of vintage and antique items for your home, collections, gifts for friends and families ~ and for yourself. Sometimes, we just must have that special thing for ourselves. 
I will be adding lots of antique laces and linens, as well as needlework, both finished and framed and kits for DIY projects. So, when you have a minute, please stop in to say, "Hi!"